By providing legal services, we strive to redefine the role that
a law firm plays in an emerging regional market,
in order to produce truly exceptional results for our clients.
  • Corporate law
    Sigma Law Group advises both domestic and international clients and provides unique expertise in a wide range of corporate governance matters. Our lawyers specialize in providing advice and support to clients on:

    • Private Equity and Strategic Investments
    • Securities Offerings and Other Capital-Raising Transactions
    • E-commerce and trade
    • Capital markets and regulations
    • Corporate organizations and securities corporate reorganization and restructuring
    • General corporate and corporate governance issues
    • Privatizations
    • Private Investment Companies and Funds
    • Domestic, Cross-Border and International Mergers and Acquisitions․
  • Labor law
    Sigma Law Group offers a full spectrum of employment-related services, with a focus on employment and termination agreements.
    Our team’s experience includes drafting employment contracts, internal employment by-laws, management agreements, and documentation for employment termination. In case of a breach of any of the aforementioned agreements, we provide representation for clients who are faced with the problem of resolving employment contracts:
    Our team specializes in providing advice and support to clients on:

    • Drafting internal employment by-laws
    • Drafting employment contracts
    • Employee Benefits and Pensions
    • Matters related to disciplinary penalties
    • Matters related to employment termination
    • Representation in courts․
  • Competition law (antitrust, competition and trade)
    Any business (regardless of its legal status, size, and sector) needs to address the obligations under the competition law. In doing so, businesses can not only avoid possible penalties but also assert their rights and protect their position in the marketplace.

    Our knowledge and approach to competition law and developed network enable us to provide our clients with integrated assistance in advising and providing training on business conduct and compliance.

  • Tax law
    Within the economic policy, fiscal policy remains a dynamic category that directly influences both small and large businesses.
    Our well-rounded approach helps our clients achieve a positive long-term impact on their business. Additionally, Sigma Law’s experts are always up to date on the latest legal tax issues and risks, including value-added tax, income tax, and all tax-related procedures. Our lawyers provide legal advice as well as consultancy services in relation to tax planning and litigation, company taxes, cross-border investments, and complex financial transactions.
  • Financial law
    Our team advises and represents client interests in virtually all regulatory matters relating to capital markets, financial regulation, compliance, enforcement, and general banking and insurance. We produce solutions for borrowers and issuers involved in sophisticated transactions, insurance companies, and other financial institutions.

    We are providing services on։

    • Debt collection
    • Preparing drafts of contracts
    • Broad range of transactions
    • Product development and structural issues
    • Financial market infrastructures
    • Assistance with legal projects
    • Preparing drafts of regulations on different financial transactions
    • In court and out-of-court representation.
  • Litigation
    Sigma Law Group handles general litigation matters as we take interest and have experience in a variety of cases. No matter how big or small your case is, it always advisable to talk with a lawyer and obtain some general legal advice on your options moving forward. Knowing the law that applies to your case and your strengths/weaknesses are invaluable aspects that should be taken into consideration before embarking on the litigation process.
    We handle the following General Litigation cases:

    • Estate, Real Estate Litigation
    • Contract Litigation
    • Construction Litigation
    • Shareholder Disputes
    • Commercial Litigation
    • Landlord/Tenant Disputes
    • Insurance, banking Litigation, etc.
  • Bankruptcy
    Sigma Law Group represents private firms seeking to maximize their recoveries in Formal bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. We advise debtors in possession in connection with significant estate litigation. We offer our clients a full range of recovery options through insolvency-related litigation. We have deep experience litigating:

    • Collateral disputes
    • Inter-creditor disputes
    • Inter-company disputes
    • lender liability claims
    • Valuation disputes
    • Fraud bankruptcy claims
    • Consultations related to the risk of bankruptcy
    • Aiding and abetting actions.
  • International private law
    Global trade is governed by a complex and dynamic system of both national and international laws.
    Understanding the rules of global trade and how to use them can make the difference to your company’s trade or customs disputes, to the protection of your company’s reputation and brand, and to your company’s bottom line.

    Our team offers you outstanding strategies and solutions. We offer more than mere technical regulatory advice. We are prepared to litigate for our clients’ interests in any forum. We provide solutions and devise the most effective strategies based on a deep understanding of the international legal arena, we know all the international legal regulations and treaties and are qualified to work on these types of cases.

  • Intellectual property law
    Intellectual property is one of our firm’s practice areas. Protecting your personal or business’ intellectual property is an important step if you need to later enforce your legal rights. Our lawyers specialize in providing advice and support to clients on:

    • Copyrights, including copyright registration. Preparing and filing copyright applications
    • Protection of IP rights
    • Unfair competition and trade secrets
    • Anti-counterfeit matters
    • Trademark protection, design protection, patent protection
    • Intellectual property defense
    • IP litigation, including Patent Litigation, Copyright Litigation, Trade Secret Litigation, Patent Litigation, Copyright Litigation.
    • Protection of inventions and know-how.
  • Administrative & regulatory
    Our team insists on staying up to date with every development in regulatory environments, providing our clients with high-quality services.
    Our lawyers specialize in providing advice and support to clients on:

    • Appealing of administrative acts
    • representation in courts for administrative disputes
    • representation before governmental institutions
    • applying for and obtaining permits and licenses for doing business in sectors where this is a legal requirement (aviation, telecoms, pharma, energy)
    • ensuring compliance with Complex rules and regulations.
  • Legal drafting and expert services
    One of the main goals of the foundation of our company was to contribute to the improvement of the state-legal system of Armenia, the development of legal regulations of the economy, Hence, we are active in the field of both private and public law and our team members are specialized in the sphere of drafting legal acts concerning private and public areas. We already have rich experience of cooperation with different international organizations, which are supporting Legal reforms in Armenia. With the assistance of our team members, numerous legislative amendments and reforms were already implemented, and we have contributed to the implementation of several legal initiatives in various areas.
    We have already worked with such authoritative international organizations as EU, EC, UNDP, USAID, UNHCR, UNODC etc.

    Our specialists are providing the following services:

    • Drafting legal acts
    • Conducting feasibility studies in various areas
    • Organizing working groups, preparing reports, strategies, roadmaps, action plans․
  • Customs services
    Our team can assist you with day-to-day customs compliance and long-term import strategies. Our team addresses a wide range of customs and foreign trade issues, observes legislative requirements, reviews existing compliance procedures, establishes new compliance plans, and helps our clients with the implementation of security procedures enabling them to provide compliance with all the requirements needed to do business in Armenia. We also provide services for dealing with the customs authorities on related matters, assisting them in organizing or developing a company's activity on customs clearance.
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