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“Sigma Law Group” office provides legal services in various areas of public and private law.
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    Our goal is to deliver value to our Clients through high quality services
    The organization carries out local and international clients’ advisory providing support on different issues.
    Labor law
    Sigma Law Group provides a full spectrum of employment-related services for clients facing union employment termination.
    Competition law
    The company offers support for businesses to address the obligations under the competition law and assert their rights.
    Tax law
    Thanks to the well-rounded approach of Sigma Law Group high-quality legal advice and support are provided to achieve a positive long-term impact on the business.
    The organization supports businesses seeking to maximize their recoveries in Formal bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings.
    Financial law
    Sigma Law Group represents client interests in all regulatory matters relating to financial regulation, compliance, and general banking.
    The company with extensive experience in various cases handles general litigation matters regardless of the case scales.
    International private law
    Understanding global trade rules and how to use them, Sigma Law Group offers strategies to protect businesses’ reputations.
    Legal drafting and expert services
    Sigma Law Group members are specialized in the sphere of drafting legal acts concerning private and public areas.
    Administrative & regulatory
    The organization insists on staying up-to-date with every development in regulatory environments, providing high-quality services.
    Intellectual property law
    Sigma Law Group specializes in protecting personal or business’ intellectual property and enforces legal rights.
    Customs services
    Our team can assist you with day-to-day customs compliance and long-term import strategies.
    About us
    Sigma Law Group provides legal services in various areas of public and private law, while primarily specializing in such areas as corporate law, commercial arbitration, private international law, mediation, administrative law, tax law, electoral law, labor law, competition law.
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